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"...that request night - how do you remember so many songs? A great night had by all, big thanks!..."


"...the song request cards on the tables was a great touch - everything played that night was requested by us, the audience - great fun and really well played..."


"...we all enjoyed your set last year at the Sunday festival. This year we'd like you back for the Sunday again and can you also headline the Saturday night?..."


"...Everything you played, everyone in the pub knew and most of them sang along with it - I've already been asked when you'll be here again..."


"...a band can make or break an event, and you certainly made our dinner dance - can we book you again for next year?..."


"...what a fantastic range of music you played, what a great singer, I enjoyed every song..."


"...Great to see a full pub dancing on a Sunday afternoon, how soon can we book you for a Friday night?..."


"...You were great last year at our annual dinner-dance, we'd like to book you again for this year..."


'....We've been having bands here for seven years, and you are one of the best we've ever had.  We'd like you to headline our beer festival....'


'...Really enjoyed the band on New Year's Eve.  You'd clearly given a great deal of thought to the material you played, much appreciated by all....'


'...Really nice sound, very clear, and nice to listen to...'


'...A great evening.  We thoroughly enjoyed it, made all the more so because you guys were obviously enjoying it...'


... really great night, even if you didn't play Creep! - maybe next time?.............


... Great night - really enjoyed your band - so nice to hear a band with a singer who can actually sing! ..........


... If I could have chosen a list of songs I'd like to hear, it would have been the set you've just played - fantastic!...........


... A very big thank you from all of us for Saturday night at the wedding. You were all great. Everybody seemed to be up for a good time and you helped that happen. We had lots of great comments about you and I'm sure you'll get more bookings from people who were there ....


... Awesome! - wonderful atmosphere and great mix of music! ...


... Thank you so much for the fantastic show Indigo Stone put on last Friday. You were the hit of the night and I have had nothing but compliments about you all day. I am so grateful that you took the time and energy to be a part of it and your set topped off a fantastic evening ...