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We play a wide variety of music with something for all tastes (or at least that's our aim!) - James has a great range, sounding good whether it's rock, soul, motown or ballads - also plays a bit of guitar and harmonica here and there.

As well as being our guitarist and occasional singer, Alan tends to be in charge of our set list (someone has to). This is fine until he decides to change the running order without telling the rest of us! Just as well we're telepathic!

Where would we be without that re-assuring beat from the drums? No arguments over tempo - it's Dave's way or no way! The good news is that he's unerringly right even when the rest of us might beg to differ!

Rich joined us towards the end of 2017 and settled right in. Great bass playing, lovely bloke and ever so slightly bonkers - ideal combination in a bass player! Loves all kind of styles but would put Flea from RHCPs "up there" as his bass playing idol

What a lovely sound the sax makes! Always gets a big cheer when we introduce the band at the end of the evening! A bit of a multitasker, our Julie - she also does a bit of percussion from time to time.

James - vocals

Alan - guitar

Dave - drums

Rich - bass

Julie - alto sax

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